Elevate your hauling capabilities with the Gardencare AC22101, a robust trailed dump cart meticulously crafted for off-road use. This sturdy cart boasts a host of features designed to make your outdoor projects more manageable. With its convenient removable tailgate and easily operable tipping body, this dump cart is engineered for efficiency and practicality.

The dimensions of 112 x 82 x 29 cm ensure ample space for transporting various materials, whether you’re tackling landscaping, gardening, or other demanding tasks. The impressive capacity of 226.8 kg (500 lb) means you can confidently move substantial loads, while the cart’s weight of 40 kg (88.2 lb) strikes the perfect balance between durability and maneuverability.


Dump cart for off road use, removable tail gate, tipping body

Size (LxWxH)

112 x 82 x 29 cm


226.8 kg (500 lb)


40 kg (88.2 lb)