Up your landscaping game with the Gardencare AC31510, a trailed broadcast spreader that’s a huge help for your outdoor projects. This spreader effortlessly covers expansive areas, boasting a substantial 3.35m (132″) work size. The spacious rustproof poly hopper not only ensures longevity but also accommodates a generous capacity of 79.4 kg (175 lb), making it perfect for handling sisable loads with ease.

Designed for efficiency and durability, the Gardencare AC31510 features pneumatic tires, guaranteeing smooth maneuverability across various terrains. Whether you’re spreading seeds, fertiliser, or other materials, this broadcast spreader offers precision and control. With a voluminous 80-liter capacity, you can confidently tackle your outdoor spreading tasks, knowing that the Gardencare AC31510 is engineered to deliver exceptional performance, every time.



Broadcast spreader, large rustproof poly hopper, pneumatic tyres

Work size


79.4 kg (175 lb)


80 ltr