One of the standout features is the rate-setting mechanism conveniently located near the handle, giving you full control over dispersal. This helps you to tailor your spreading to the unique needs of your lawn.

Built for durability and longevity, the heavy-duty nylon gear guarantees reliable performance even in challenging conditions. The inclusion of a screen and rain cover adds an extra layer of protection, shielding the spreader the elements.

Navigate your garden terrain with ease, thanks to the pneumatic tires that provide smooth movement and stability, helping you to cover the substantial 3.35m (132″) working width with each pass. The impressive 36.3kg (80 lb) capacity, coupled with a generous 29-liter volume, minimises the need for frequent refills, streamlining your lawn care process.



heavy-duty nylon gear, pneumatic tyres, Rate setting on handle, screen & rain cover

Work size


36.3 kg (80 lb)


29 ltr