Transform your lawn care routine with the Gardencare AC31505 spreader, a versatile and hand-pushed marvel that brings efficiency to a new level. With a substantial 58-liter capacity and a robust 45.4kg (100 lb) load limit, this spreader empowers you to cover extensive areas without constant refilling, ensuring your lawn receives the care it deserves.

Designed for precision, the Gardencare AC31505 boasts a rate setting on the handle, providing you with control over the distribution process. No more uneven application—just a lush, green lawn. The heavy-duty nylon gear guarantees durability, ensuring this spreader will withstand the test of time and numerous lawn care sessions.

Worried about unpredictable weather? Fear not, as this spreader comes equipped with a convenient screen and rain cover, safeguarding your materials and maintaining consistency in application. The pneumatic tires further enhance maneuverability, making it a breeze to navigate various terrains.

With a substantial work size of 3.35m (132″), Gardencare ensures that your lawn care efforts are not only effective but also efficient.



heavy-duty nylon gear, pneumatic tyres, Rate setting on handle, screen & rain cover

Work size


45.4 kg (100 lb)


58 ltr