Elevate your lawn care routine with the Gardencare GCS40 scarifier, a powerful and versatile tool designed to rejuvenate your lawn effortlessly. With its 40cm (16″) work width, this scarifier efficiently covers your lawn, ensuring no patch is left untouched. Customise your scarifying experience with the included 18 blade cassette and 24 spring tine cassette, allowing you to tailor the scarifying process to your lawn’s unique needs. Set the work height to 25mm, and let the precision-engineered blades and tines delve deep into the soil, expertly removing thatch, moss, and debris, while promoting healthy grass growth. The GCS40 is equipped with a robust 212cc engine, providing unrivalled power and efficiency, making scarifying tasks a breeze.

Say goodbye to a lacklustre lawn and hello to a vibrant and thriving outdoor space. The Gardencare GCS40 scarifier ensures your lawn gets the care it deserves, resulting in a lush and green paradise. The adjustable work height allows you to adapt the scarifying process based on the season and lawn condition, ensuring maximum effectiveness at all times. Say goodbye to unwanted thatch and moss buildup, and welcome a breath of fresh air for your grass to flourish. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or a first-time user, the GCS40 is easy to operate and manoeuvre, making scarifying a hassle-free experience.


Includes an 18 blade cassette and a 24 spring tine cassette

Working width

40 cm (16”)

Working height

25 mm