With a cutting length of 69cm, the Kaaz TME3200 hedge cutter provides expansive coverage, making it a versatile tool for both intricate shaping and efficient trimming. Powered by a reliable 22.5cc Mitsubishi TLE24VD engine, you can feel confidence in not just power but also durability, offering a consistent and efficient hedge-cutting performance.

The swivel handle has the ability to be adjustedinto five positions, ensuring you can trim awkward angles with the utmost of comfort.

Whether you’re sculpting intricate designs or shaping large hedges, the dual blades ensure a clean and efficient cut. The inclusion of a clutch brake further enhances safety during operation, providing immediate stopping power when needed, making it a reliable tool for users concerned about safety in their gardening tasks.

To further elevate user comfort, the Kaaz TM3200-TLE24 incorporates an anti-vibration system. This technology minimises vibrations, reducing user fatigue and making the hedge-cutting experience not just efficient but also enjoyable.


Anti-vibration system, clutch brake, Double blade, Swivel handle

Cutting length

69 cm


22.5cc Mitsubishi TLE24VD



Dry weight

6 kg (13.2 lb)