4-BEARING SUPPORTED GEAR CASE The chrome-moly helical cut gears are supported by four (4) ball bearings in a sealed gear case. This design produces very low vibration and absorbs higher shock loads than carbon steel configurations.

DUAL BALL BEARINGS Dual ball bearings support the drive-shaft at the clutch end for reduced vibration and shaft wear.

DIE CAST ALUMINUM CLUTCH HOUSING The rugged die cast aluminum clutch housing is much more durable than the plastic used on many competitive units. The housing is bolted to the engine using hex machine screws, not self-tapping screws into plastic. This configuration allows for greater strength, durability and long-term service.

AE / NE SERIES TWO-CYCLE ENGINES The Maruyama AE/NE Class is the benchmark professional engine system. Rugged, powerful and designed to run season after season. These engines are the product of hard-won, field proven experience in two-cycle technology. These engines are high performance, high torque power and highly serviceable. Each AE/NE engine is a model of the extraordinary quality that is the foundation of our products and our reputation.