Made of hardened and ground steel the 10 bladed SURE-BLADE cylinder offers a super fine cut perfect for cutting below 20mm to achieve the bowling green finish. The 10 blade cylinder offers a higher clip-rate (131cpm) than that of the 6 blade (79cpm) cutting and can achieve cuts as low as 3mm. This means you are getting more cuts per metre resulting in a finer finish. This particular cartridge has a new thickened bottom blade for easier setting and a cleaner, quieter cut. Popular for cricket wickets, bowling greens, golf tees and ornamental lawns. You should be looking at purchasing this cartridge if you are looking for a more superior cut than the 6 blade can offer whilst cutting below 20mm. Famous lawns such as Wimbledon will use a 10 bladed cylinder or higher. You won’t see any advantage of the 10 blade cylinder cutting above 20mm. You need to be cutting regularly with the 10 blade cylinder perhaps 2-3x a week.