Why the BCS 740 Power Unit?
The BCS 740 is the largest unit in the BCS Snow Clearing range, with a choice of petrol or diesel engine, a locking differential and steering brakes for complete operator control, and large 5.00 x 10 wheels for great traction whether on wet mud or icy pavements.

The range of implements available combined with the power of the BCS 740 allow you to take on such a range of work that you will soon wonder how you managed to live without it particularly as you rotate the attachments through the seasons. Rotavate in spring, cut grass in summer, chip wood in autumn, and clear snow in the winter.

For snow clearing it can operate the 100cm snow brush70cm snow blower, and the snow plough.

If it’s a multi-purpose, heavy duty machine you’re looking for then the BCS 740 is the most cost effective option as it can be used all year round to operate over 30 attachments, so offers the best value for money.