Available in either 60cm or 75cm working widths, the power harrow digs with vertical counter-rotating tines to level and prepare surfaces for seeding or turfing.

Unlike the rotavator which has horizontally rotating tines, the power harrow has vertically rotating blades which dig from 2cm (1”) to a maximum depth of 13cm (5”) on the 60cm, or 16cm (6″) on the 75cm model. This avoids bringing roots to the surface of the soil and also helps prevent destruction of the soil structure.

The depth can be easily adjusted by rotating the handle on top of the harrow.

As the tines dig, the levelling blade levels the earth, and the rear roller compacts it. Sprung loaded side plates help to prevent damage from bricks and other solid objects.

There are 3 types of roller available: a mesh roller for use in dry conditions, a cage roller for use in wet conditions, or a solid roller.

The seeder unit is available to fit the larger 75cm power harrow. A brush roller at the base of the 37 litre hopper is driven by the power harrow rear roller and ensures an even flow of seed. The discharge is easily adjustable for flow rate and seed size.