The reversible plough is available in two versions; one has a slatted mouldboard whilst the other has a solid mouldboard.

The slatted mouldboard plough, manufactured by Ribas Agromecánica, produces less resistance than the solid version allowing it to be used on smaller power units. It’s available in two sizes – 5″ and 6″ – depending on your power unit.

At the end of each row a single lever on the plough changes the direction of the ploughshare, then the operator simply travels back along the previously ploughed row.

The solid mouldboard reversible plough from BCS has two ploughshares, one positioned over the other, which can be pivoted at the end of the row enabling the operator to create, and work in, just one furrow.

This plough also features a coulter in front of the mouldboard which cuts through the soil first.