Experience precision and power with the Gardencare HTO-601R(M) hedge trimmer, an essential tool for achieving immaculate hedges in your garden. Boasting a substantial 60 cm (24″) cutting length, this trimmer ensures efficiency and accuracy in sculpting your green boundaries to perfection. Powered by a robust 22.5cc Mitsubishi engine, this hedge trimmer offers reliable performance and durability.

The inclusion of an anti-vibration feature transforms your hedge-cutting experience, reducing fatigue and allowing for prolonged use with comfort and control. Whether you’re maintaining small shrubs or tackling larger hedges, the Gardencare HTO-601R(M) ensures a smooth operation, letting you achieve a neat and tidy finish every time.

Designed for user-friendly operation, the HTO-601R(M) also features a swivel handle that enhances manoeuvrability, allowing you to navigate around corners and intricate spaces effortlessly. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, making your hedge-trimming sessions a breeze.



Cutting length

60 cm (24”)


22.5cc Mitsubishi



Dry weight

5.4 kg (11.9 lb)