Effortlessly maintain a pristine lawn with the Huntsman HMG-40P lawn mower, a testament to precision and power. This finely crafted mower comes equipped with a robust 123cc Loncin Engine, ensuring reliable performance with every use. The hand-propelled propulsion system provides you with optimal control, allowing you to navigate your lawn with ease. With a generous 40 cm (16”) cutting width, this mower ensures efficient coverage, reducing the time spent on mowing and providing more time to enjoy your well-kept garden.

Achieve the perfect grass height with the 7-stage height adjustment, ranging from 25 to 65 mm. This versatile feature allows you to customise your lawn’s appearance, whether you prefer a neatly trimmed surface or a slightly longer, lush look. The pull-start mechanism ensures a quick and hassle-free start, so you can dive into your lawn care routine without delay.

Designed for durability, the HMG-40P boasts a robust steel deck, guaranteeing longevity and stability even in challenging mowing conditions. The 55-liter collection bag simplifies the cleanup process, efficiently gathering clippings as you mow. Experience the harmony of efficiency and performance as you transform your lawn with the reliable Huntsman HMG-40P lawn mower.




Cutting width

40 cm (16”)

Cutting height

25 – 65 mm

Height adjustment

1 lever 7 stage


123cc Loncin



55 ltr