The RMX-800 with its massive 8.0m working width will cover the ground like nothing else!

It’s getting bigger and better!

This superb machine will leave a premium cut quality at a stunning rate of nearly 40 acres per hour.  Ideally suied to turf growers and polo pitches, or anymore who is cutting large acreage regularly and wanting a superb finish and fast!


  • WING DECKS WILL CUT BETWEEN –30° AND +30° FROM HORIZONTAL – Ideal for bank work.
  • DIRECTION OF TRAVEL – Reduces side turf damage when turning.
  • INDEPENDENT FLOAT ON ALL DECKS – Superb ground contour following.
  • TURF TYRES – For minimal ground compaction.
  • INDEPENDENT SUSPENSION – For smooth road travel.
  • AVAILABLE IN – 5.0m, 5.6m, 6.2m, 6.8m and 8.0m working widths.
  • OPTIONAL – Hydraulic brakes, spare wheel and mounting bracket, screw jack, latch actuator kit and deep skids.
  • REDUCED MAINTENANCE – Low operational costs, save both time and money.
  • PREMIUM CUT – High blade tip speed gives superb results every time.
  • REDUCE FUEL CONSUMPTION – Save up to 50% in fuel costs.
  • PROLIFT SYSTEM – Allows simple partial deck lift for crossing paths