Variable drive enables speeds of 1.8ヨ3.8 km/h and works rates reaching 2,300 mᄇ per hour are possible due to a high-performance Honda engine, variable drive and a 61 cm cutting width. The AS 63 4T Honda easily cuts grass up to 80 cm high. The drive-reduction transmission with a gear ratio of 1:13.44 allows the AS 63 4T Honda to brake autonomously when moving downhill. The machine will not speed up when moving downhill, no matter how steep the incline. When in drive the AS 63 4T Honda has a permanently locked limited slip differential which increases traction and safety on slopes.

The AS 63 4T Honda works with operating levers that activate the parking brake, the traction drive, the limited slip differential and the blade clutch. The automatic parking brake is an additional safety aspect. When the drive lever is released, the parking brake automatically engages and the AS 63 4T Honda stops, whether on a slope or level ground. For convenient operation the guide bar is equipped with a V-handlebar which can be adjusted laterally and for height without tools. モVibrationProtectヤ vibration damping reduces hand-arm vibration to a minimum.


Work size

Work height

50 – 100 mm