Key amongst those premium features is a Honda GCVx200 Autochoke OHV engine that provides the smooth engine starts, efficient fuel economy and high-quality simplicity beloved by Honda engine enthusiasts.

Powerful self-propulsion means you will have no trouble operating on slopes or rough, tussocky grass, while engine-RPM adjustment works with ATCO’s provision of eight pre-set cutting heights to facilitate the management of varying grass conditions.

Thanks to its four-edged Twinclip blade, which cuts and recuts clippings, the Liner 22SH V packs in up to 20% more grass into the extra-capacious 80-litre collector and is capable of producing the super-neat finish previously only achievable with a cylinder mower.

A hybrid galvanised steel/aluminium cutter deck confers the ultimate strength and durability, while a stepless speed variator enables the successful management of varying terrains and grass lengths.

With many mowers, the hard-to-reach under-deck area can be tricky to keep free of corrosive, performance-inhibiting debris. Not so with the Liner 22SH V – simply attach your hosepipe to the fixture point, run the water, spin the blades and the jobs done!

Equipped with a substantial 53cm cutting width, front skid plate and combining an extra-low minimum height of cut setting (13mm) with a Twinclip blade, the Liner 22SH BBC is capable of producing an outstanding striped finish.

Suitable for use for larger lawns up to 3000m2 in size.



Work size

Work height

13 – 65 mm


1 lever 8 stage





80 ltr