Black & Decker

Black & Decker

One of the largest home and garden equipment brands in the world, Black and Decker offer a wide range of products to cover your every garden need. From Strimmer’s to Lawnmowers, these electric powered products offer a powerful and effective yet lightweight solution to maintaining your garden and lawn.

With variable power outputs to tackle tougher or smaller jobs, the Li-ion powered products can be easily adjusted for maximum power or maximum running time. Decide on the job you need it for, then decide on the power.

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About the Black & Decker brand

With a history that dates back over 100 years, Black and Decker, an American power tool company based out of Towson, Maryland, has had more years in the industry than many of their competitors put together. With this experience comes a refined knowledge of what their customers actually need and therefore their products come loaded with the features required to help achieve that.

The electric powered products mean that they are quiet, easy to start and fume-free. With the removal of fuel powered engines, the weight is significantly reduced which means if you can last for longer on those all day job and with much less strain; It also means no oil changes, services or tune ups, that means more time in the garden and less time worrying about the next trip to your dealer.