Make the Adventure your own with your Dino X-trail. The X-Trail is built for long-distance, allowing you to be comfortable for hours on end. Equipped wide tyres, front spoiler with air inlet, sport mudguard, sports seat, swing axle, ball joint steering and coupling device, the X-Trail not only looks professional, but its drives like a pro kart too. Made from the highest quality material coupled with being designed and manufactured in Germany, you can be assured that the X-Trail will not let you down and will keep the adventure going for years to come.

The X-Trail uses the highly sought after BF1 drive hub, which means a built-in brake freewheel with backpedal braking. The BF1 prevents the pedals from turning while driving forward.

The drivers can take breaks during the forward movement which minimizes the risk of injury. To reverse, you slow down the go-kart with backpedal brake until the kart stands still. Afterwards you kick the pedals backwards and the reverse gear is now automatically engaged. That’s pure driving pleasure.

The X-Trail is perfect for use with the various specially made Dino accessories, with everything from passenger seats to trailers and lights, you can really make the X-trail your own. When high quality, great style and a smooth drive matter, look no further than the X-Trail BF1.