Our wide range of leaf blowers and vacuums have been chosen from some of the world’s most renowned manufacturers such as Gardencare, Mountfield, Toro, Hitachi, Ryobi, Greenworks, and more. Autumn leaves lying on your garden can be picturesque, however leaving them to lie on your grass can cause mold to build up, which may ruin it for next season. When picking the best leaf blower or vacuum to suit your gardening needs it is important to consider the size of the area that you’ll be working on, whether you want to simply blow the leave into a pile to be collected later or collect them as you work. You’ll also want to choose a leaf blower with the best power source to suit. If you have a smaller garden then an electric or cordless leaf blower / vacuum may suffice. Electric leaf blowers are relatively simple to use, just plug them in, hit the switch and get to work. If you’d prefer to cut the cord and experience a bit freedom of movement then you’ll want to consider a cordless leaf blower or a petrol leaf blower. All of our leaf blowers & vacuums are available to buy online or click and collect at The Cyril Johnston Showroom, Carryduff, Belfast, Northern Ireland.