Chainsaws are fantastic pieces of garden machinery for tackling any overgrown branches or excess wood around your garden. Chainsaws not only make the job easier, but they also make it a bit more satisfying too. When selecting the best chainsaw to suit your gardening needs, it’s important to keep in mind the type of work that you plan on doing. If your main aim is to use the chainsaw to remove some light branches around the garden, or transform any excess wood into firewood, then you may want to consider a cordless chainsaw from our battery powered range. The cordless chainsaws that we sell are powered by lithium-ion batteries, which have an average run time of 70 minutes and an average charge time of 90 minutes. This makes them ideal for completing any lighter duty tasks around the garden. Our range of cordless chainsaws also weigh less than traditional petrol chainsaws, which means they can be more comfortable and ultimately safer to use. If you’re tackling more heavy-duty tasks around the garden like chopping down trees or tackling large logs, then you will want to consider a petrol chainsaw. When selecting the best petrol chainsaw to suit your needs, it’s important to keep in mind the length of the saw that you’ll need and the amount of power that you’ll need the chainsaw to produce. Our chainsaws offer sizes ranging from 35cm to 50cm.