The Gardencare RSE20 scarifier isyour key to achieving a lush and revitalised lawn. This powerful tool boasts a 50cm (20″) work width, ensuring quick and efficient coverage of your lawn. With a work height of 25mm, the RSE20 effectively removes thatch, moss, and debris, allowing your grass to breathe and flourish. Powered by the reliable Briggs & Stratton 750 engine, this scarifier delivers outstanding performance, making it a top choice for any lawn care enthusiast.

Bid farewell to lacklustre lawns and welcome a vibrant and healthy outdoor space with the Gardencare RSE20 scarifier. Its precision-engineered blades penetrate deep into the soil, promoting strong root growth and ensuring your lawn stays resilient against adverse weather conditions. With adjustable work height settings, you can easily tailor the scarifying process to suit your lawn’s specific needs, guaranteeing optimal results every time.

Effortlessly transform your lawn into a verdant paradise with the Gardencare RSE20 scarifier. The 50cm (20″”) work width allows you to cover larger areas quickly, saving you valuable time and effort. Whether you’re dealing with compacted soil or unwanted thatch, the RSE20’s robust performance will tackle the task with ease, leaving you with a pristine and healthy lawn that’s sure to turn heads.

Experience the joy of a well-maintained lawn with the Gardencare RSE20 scarifier. Its user-friendly design and powerful engine make scarifying a breeze, even for those new to lawn care.


28 steel blades

Working width

50 cm (20”)

Working height

25 mm


Briggs & Stratton 750