Perfect pruning

With a weight of less than 900 grams, the Prunion pruner offers users unbeatable cutting power and work quality. Its grip fits any hand and its large cutting diameter makes it comfortable to prune with. The numerous innovations of this pruning shear make it indispensable for anyone who does pruning work. The 250 battery offers increased productivity by allowing two PELLENC tools to be connected simultaneously.


  • Power and manoeuvrability for intensive pruning
  • Cutting diameter up to 45 mm
  • High performance motor: 92%
  • Precise blade position management
  • Daily cleaning is done without tools


  • The least expensive professional pruner on the market
  • Adapts to your pruning habits thanks to different cutting modes


  • The lightest tree pruner on the market: 885 g.
  • A compact pruner, that is handy and suitable for all hand sizes
  • Optical trigger for natural control of the half-opening
  • Alternation of work using the dual connector on the 250 battery


  • Zero emissions since there is no compressor or hydraulic unit