The RDM Roller Mower has full width rollers front and rear, which produce an attractive striping pattern and guard against scalping even when cutting at heights below 1 inch. The RDM Roller Mower is ideal for sports fields, golf courses, contractors, authorities and turf professionals that are looking for a high quality cut. Precise Adjustments Settings (P.A.S.) – This enables you to set your RDM Mower to the finest settings. Redexim Razor Blade (R.R.B.) – The unique RRB system gives you a razor like cut to the grass, and with the best quality blades in the market you will be sure to meet the best standards, even in the toughest elements. Redexim Balanced Roller System (R.B.R.S.) – This enables your machine to be balanced behind your tractor at all times, even in the toughest conditions.