Why the BCS 660 Hydrostatic Commander?
The BCS 660HY Hydrostatic Commander features a number of unique attributes which make it ideal for those who need a no-limits, multi-purpose machine for complete grassland management.

Hydrostatic transmission provides unbeatable manoeuvrability and reliability. Transmission from the gearbox main shaft to the hydrostatic unit pump is by means of cylindrical gears in oil bath with helical teeth, and then transmission from the hydrostatic motor to the gearbox is via of cylindrical gears in oil bath.

The “auto-hold” automatic braking facility locks the machine in position at the grip limit even with the engine switched off, while a manual release mechanism protected by a safety lock prevents accidental triggering allowing forced manoeuvres to be carried out.

The ergonomic handlebar-mounted “EasyGrip” lever controls the working speeds precisely and guarantees maximum operating comfort, especially for those operations requiring frequent direction changes.

Lever operated steering clutches control the steering clutch-brake mechanisms on the wheels ensuring safe and efficient operation on steep slopes and providing maximum steering comfort, easy handling and perfect control of the machine.

The BCS 660 is designed to operate a range of front-mounted implements including flail mower, scythe cutter bar, rotary mower, hay rake, and more, enabling it to be used for almost any grassland management task.

The patented PowerSafe® hydraulic clutch features multiple steel discs in an oil bath and connected directly to the engine. This system ensures maximum safety, performance and reliability, and requires no maintenance. The PowerSafe® clutch is covered by a 5-year warranty.