Like all BCS machines, the BCS 770HY Rotavator is very simple to operate and features the patented BCS PowerSafe® clutch that stops both the drive and implement instantly, as soon as the operator presence lever is released. It does this without stopping the engine and in our opinion this makes the BCS Rotavators the safest available in the world today.

The 770HY is the only machine in the range that has a hydrostatic drive. The conveniently located ergonomic control lever ensures maximum operator comfort during use, especially when the application involves many direction changes.

This is the ideal rotavator for professional users, as the hydrostatic drive ensures maximum comfort and ease of use during operation for prolonged periods of time.

The machine uses two different drives; one controls the wheels to move the machine forwards and the other controls the digging tines. Because both drives are functioning simultaneously the machine is effectively doing all the work. 

The rotavator will keep digging for as long as it is in contact with the ground and in good conditions, and after a few passes, it can dig down to a depth of up to 8″ (20cm).

The digging depth is easily controlled via the control lever which is located on top of the digging box. To increase the digging depth simply move the lever up or for shallow digging move it all the way in.

The BCS 770HY Rotavator is also fitted with a locking differential and steering brakes for complete operator control, whilst large 5.00 x 10 wheels provide necessary traction, whether on wet mud or icy pavements.