This versatile kit is manufactured by Ribas Agromecánica and includes a slatted mouldboard reversible plough, an adjustable ridger, and a potato lifter, complete with frame and toolbar.

It’s the ideal tool for smallholders and allotments as it offers great value for money. The implements are easily fitted to the frame, it takes just a few minutes to swap from one implement to another, and the frame connects to the toolbar which is then fitted to the power unit.

The kit is available in two sizes – 5″ or 6″. The 5″ is suitable for the power units with 4.00×10 or 5.00×10 wheels, whilst the larger 6″ kit is suitable for the 5.00×10 and 6.50×12 wheel power units.

The working depth and angle are easily controlled via levers on the frame.