Tough, strong and durable, this walk-behind spreader incorporates a 58 litres capacity hopper and is purpose designed for the distribution of a wide range of granular material including seed, fertilizer, herbicides, lawn improver and road salt / grit. For just a little more than the AC31504 29 litres spreader, this 58 litres model offers twice the capacity.
Designed for a long working life, careful consideration has been given to the use of chemically inert and corrosion resistant materials. The hopper is manufactured from an inert, corrosion resistant polymer and possesses excellent impact resistance characteristics, even in low temperatures. Similarly, the dispensing gear is manufactured from nylon and capable of withstanding even the most aggressive chemicals and has a typical spread width of 25cm – 30cm / 10″ – 12″.
A similar level of detail has been paid to the chassis design, which also benefits from a corrosion resistant finish and rides on 12″ diameter pneumatic tyres. For convenience the rate setting lever is mounted on the spreader’s uprated handle, for ease of adjustment on demand. Supplied complete with screen and rain cover, this spreader is suitable for use even in adverse weather conditions.
Spreading seeds, fertilisers, weed killers, lawn improvers and road salt / grit.
Part of the Gardencare range, this steel roller has been manufactured to the highest standards and benefits from a conditional, 2 year, consumer warranty against manufacturing, design and component defect.
  • Gardencare AC31505 58 litres Pedestrian Speader
  • Screen and Rain Cover
  • Product Assembly Instructions
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