Using only the finest materials, the Berg Elite+ Trampoline and safety net combines a 14ft (430cm / 4.3m) InGround trampoline with a strengthened safety net allowing you to exercise and play without the risks associated with free standing trampolines. Made with high quality materials, your Berg Elite+ will last for years of fun, giving you confidence to choose berg.

Using a trampoline isn’t just fun, but recent studies have proven that it’s also a fantastic source of exercise, helping to burn up to as much as 126 calories in a 30 minute sessionナkeeping fit has never been so fun! Not only does it help keep you fit, but trampolining is a great way to relax stiff muscles and help keep limber, helping you feel and look great.

Packed with features, the Berg Elite+ benefits from the following:


The padding is a 400mm wide and 30mm thick, water resistant ムclosed cell’ foam layer which integrates seamlessly with the jump mad for extra safety, making sure accidents are unlikely as possible. Allowing you or your little ones to play & exercise safely for peace of mind.


Featuring Berg’s Innovative TwinSpring system, consisting of a large number of implicitly placed springs which give the Elite+ trampoline its unique jumping style. This springs are completely galvanised to protect against rust and corrosion, maximising life & performance. The jump mat consists of woven polypropylene, making it strong and rip-resistant. Finally the frame features a T-series design which adds extra strength than a simple welded bond can offer. Aided by the 42mm diameter and 2mm thick walls, the Elite+ frame is incredibly durable and again zinc-coated to resist corrosion.


Safety is paramount on the Berg Elite+ range. Not only is the trampoline placed into the ground, reducing the distance to fall if an accident occurs but this 14ft trampoline is completely bordered by a highly tensile safety net, giving you increased security as you and your kids play.ᅠ Easily accessible and with a clearly marked, self-sealing entrance, you can avoid the opening area to again add increased safety. Allowing safe play, all day.