Toro’s impressive Power Plex range of battery products are designed for homeowners with more work to do than time to get it done. Easy and convenient to use, the high quality products take just 60 minutes to charge, meaning you can get back to work quickly. The T90 battery provided in the kit version of this blower will give up to 60 minutes of run time, depending on the selected speed.

The Toro 51134 Brushless DC Blower boasts ‘Turbo Boost Power’ with speed lock for up to 13.6m³ air displacement which means you can move more leaves more quickly.

The impressive brushless motor gives an increased power level when compared with a brushed equivalent. Again when compared with a brush motor, the run time is increased, and the reliable motor will last much longer.

With fully variable speed, you will be able to select the power most appropriate to the task at hand. When using a lower speed (suited to hard surfaces), the battery will have a much longer running time. When needed, simply turn up the power.

The T180 battery is available as an optional extra to extend the run time of your battery products. The T180 takes 120 minutes to charge and doubles the running time of your 40V battery products. They can be used interchangeably with the full range for added convenience, meaning you can own all the products and will only need one or two batteries to use with them.




Air speed

241 kmh